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As promised in our Last Word ICRI continued its dialogue with its partners over the last four and a half year and has remained steadfast in its interest in refugee issues as well as disaster preparedness.

At the time of our cessation of operations in 2004 voluntary repatriation was in full force and it was projected that most if not all the Afghan refugees would be returned within a year. However events over this period have proven volatile and as we speak the security issue in Afghanistan is of great concern and more than a million Afghan refuges remain in Iran.

The demographics and numbers of Iraqi refugees may have changed over the years however a new set of needs has come about as a result in this shift

ICRI is pleased to report that it has been granted a permit to resume operations in Iran. We do believe that there is a need for an institution that will play a facilitating role regarding these issues. However in line with the ethos that led to our creation in the early nineties we greatly rely on the international NGO communities input and support

We look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you  for input ,comments and support as we gauge the level of interest in  becoming fully operational once again


Nazanin Kazemi